Glacier Sun Winery Kalispell Montana Glacier Sun Winery Kalispell Montana Glacier Sun Winery Kalispell Montana

Glacier Sun Wine List

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White Wines

2016 Chardonnay A steel Chardonnay, refreshingly bright with light citrus notes.

2015 Rosé of Tempranillo Hints of strawberry and rhubarb make this a refreshing splash of pale pink.

2016 Riesling A sweet light Riesling, perfect for your next bbq or picnic.


Red Wines

2014 Pinot Noir Not your typical Pinot, big and bold like Montana with notes of mountain berries.

2016 Tempranillo Made with Organic grapes, this Spanish wine has spicy notes and smooth drinkability. 

2016 Barbera A northern Italian favorite. Bright acidity up front with a clean finish makes for a delicious dinner wine.

2016 Malbec Argentina meets the northwest! A bold red with a smooth jammy finish.

2015 Merlot Our fruit forward Merlot has notes of cherries, currants, and plums.


Dessert Wines

Bourbon Barrel Nectarine Necatrine wine aged 4 years in a bourbon barrel adds a smooth caramel shell.

Cherry Vanilla Flathead Cherries and Madagascar bourbon vanilla have been blended together to create a well-balanced dessert wine that showcases our cherries & the Madagascar vanilla to perfection!

Chuckleberry The long wait is over and Chuckleberry is back! A delicious blend of Huckleberries and Flathead Cherries make this a dessert wine to enjoy on any occasion.

Weeping Wall Sweet Syrah What's old is new again. One of the first wines we produced, it has a cascade of bold sweetness with a clean finish. 


Fruit Wines

Huckleberry Peach Our huckleberry peach wine is a slightly sweet wine with a nice balance between peaches and Flathead Valley huckleberries. The wine is unique and perfect for a warm summer evening. Chill a bottle and enjoy!

Sangria We've brought our Sangria Saturday into a bottle. A blend of apricot, nectarine, and apple with a splash of red wine.

Nectarine With an aroma of an orchard of nectarines, you are greeted with the taste of summer. The bright, crisp sweetness of the nectarines comes out in each sip.